Personality Development

“If Man with good caliber is developed, all developments are possible. If Man is in problem, all chaos will start. If Man is healed, then everything can be structured.”
– Dr Y K Shinde

Personality have many features. Many features come toghter to form a trait. To be happy and sucessful, centain traits are required:

Everyone bears many personality traits. These personality traits collaborate in different proportions to form character. Following are the main personality traits which presence makes man happy and successful.

Person who knows himself can understand others well. Everyone has curiosity to understand about self from pre-youth age. Everyone tries to compare himself based on the his capabilities and shortcoming and create a virtual image in his mind is called “Self Image “. The flawless, perfect and clear self-assessment will lead to flawless and ideal Self Image.
The Self Image tries to reach all Development stages and plan to do collaboration of those. Flawless and clear Self Image supports in deciding the direction of development. Ambition is selected by Self Image. The success or failure in life can be judged by Self Image of a person. The scared, unclear and impaired Self Image can be corrected in the youth period of a person. If one able to have a flawless and clear Self Image in this period, this will lead him to a successful life. This creates positive attitude and fruitful life ahead.

The thinking process of what can be achievable by someone, is selection of Ambition. The instinct of achieving the success in liking field by judgement of one’s strength and weakness is called Ambition. It is very important that Ambition gives the direction and motivation to path of success in the life. Only Ambition will not lead to success without proper direction, tireless efforts and endless tries. Step by step achievement of goals gives enchanting height of Success and fulfillment of Ambition. Once the motive of life is decided, it helps in deciding the step by step Ambition. It decides the direction of progress and person finally achieves success due to motivation. If we realize the technique of making difficult things easier then only we will be able to decide our Ambition. Such people will able to solve the riddle of life. The kind of Ambition is depending on the nature of Self Image. The selection of Ambition is done on intellectual and ethnic base. Ambition means the self-motivated, concrete and sound planned thoughts in mind.

Man has achieved unbelievable powers by use of his mental and intellectual capabilities. But today once again he has lost confidence. There is technique of gaining the confidence and anyone can acquire it.
Devotion is the topmost level of confidence. Those who believe in their capabilities to them, no one can distract from their path of Ambition. Hence Eklavya* has become the great warrior than Arjuna based on his devotion to guru Dronacharya. Even a handicapped man can achieve the success in life based on their mental capabilities. A man has thousands of physical and mental capabilities. The proper development of even a single of them can lead him to successful life. One has to knowingly gain a confidence. The ultimate height of confidence is called Self-Respect. The mighty will power turns into success due to confidence. Confidence is self-illuminated like rays of sun. The nonpareil world-known and glorious success in life can only be achieved by mighty courage and self-respect. This stage is achieved when one got completely devoted.

The motivational power of deciding the direction in any event of life based on the judgement of effect and success, and accordingly think, implement and act is called “Decision Making”. Decision Making is developed on the success and failure one gets in the events of life. A good Decision Making is comprehensive result of cultured behaviour, Positive nature and Self-control. The power to direct one on path of sure success is called “Decision Making “. Parents should not take decisions for children but give them opportunity to take independent decisions. The Decision Making get blossom through self-motivation and self-learning nature. In future it will be difficult for us to take decision due to ample availability of alternatives. Henceforth creating right surroundings for developing Decision Making in children will become main challenge for nation. The decision taken based on cultured behaviour are most effective than those taken on intellectual base. It is better to take decision based on problems envisaged in future than by wasting energy in discussing and describing the past. The “Gifted Vision” is the highest level of “Decision Making”

The secret of achievement all progress till date by human being lies in his ability called “Creativity”, because the new invention is in built nature of creativity. The independent thinking, new creations, ideas, flexibility, adjustable intellectual, sentimentality, restitution, valuables are the factors involved in Creativity. There is always thought that a new different kind of thing is to be generated. The valuable new inventions are possible only with 1% creativity and 99% efforts. The way towards Creativity is starts when there is a thought of achieving the best out of lot. The thought process of creativity starts when one proceeds with constant observations, absorption, reading, assimilation, thinking and concentration and readiness to put tireless efforts in achieving all these.
The creative children are valuable to nation. The power of nation can be strengthen with proper development of these children. These children are very active, courageous, stubborn and innovative in nature. If they are developed properly can create great valuable things. Japan is developed nation due to importance they have given for development of such children. The new creations gives the mental satisfaction like new-born baby to mother. The possession of Creativity is most powerful capability. It’s like the getting the blessings of Saraswati (Godess of Knowledge) and Laxmi (Godess of Wealth). Hence the creations of Creativity are always best.

The way of any act to describe the personality is called “Expression “. The actual action to expose our inborn capabilities, brilliances and sentiment is “Expression “. The bare having good capabilities, brilliance and sentiments in mind will not lead one to fulfil Ambition without expression. The exposed image of Creativity is “Expression”. Success can only be gained with confident expression. The man with confident expression looks always illuminated. The proficiency in expression can be achieved by continuous effort, practicing and endless dedication. At the time of bearing of ultimate success one realises significance of “Confident Expression”.

Capability of creating the ways and solving problems by facing the difficulties and hurdles in the path of Ambition and Success is called “Problem Solving Nature”. Those we bear good sentiments are able to understand the circumstances quickly and can solve the problems easily. Those who understand the problems can only solve them. One should decide the sequence of importance of problems and think about solutions sequentially. The best Decision Making acts like guide on the path of problem solving process. Creativity also helps in problem solving and it also gives rise to new ideas. Continuous thinking and assimilation of surrounding events along with devotion helps in understanding the problems and finding their solutions.

Self study nature is self motivated process which constantly changes the behaviour, thinking and action of man to lead on development path. All the ways towards development start with Self Study nature, as it is self-driven and spontaneous. The changing of the mind set from dependency to independency is the development process that falls under Self Learning technique. Henceforth giving ample knowledge to children will not help but we need to make them understand the importance of living with independent thinking and self-motivation. It becomes evident to develop self study nature to achieve peak of success. Self consciousness is the step by step process achieved through self study nature. Self Study is inborn instinct of all physical and mental development of man.

Scientific Attitude is the choice of correct one from new and old concepts. It is the need of the hour to develop scientific attitude in the upcoming generation. If we are able to develop scientific attitude in children then there is no need to work on annihilation of misbeliefs that exist in society. The scientific attitude normally should be implanted in the children of age group 13 years to 25 years. Those who bear a clear and logical thinking towards all the events happening around and try to understand the scientific reasoning behind it can possess the scientific attitude. This attitude should become the part of behaviour pattern nowadays to achieve happy and successful life.

This is the attitude which helps in achieving great success in the development process because it creates a constructive atmosphere for development by motivating those behaviour and actions which are not hurting anyone. The paths towards great endeavours are guided not by capabilities but by conduct of a man. For the proper outcomes one has to be ready to change his behaviour which is called as Positive Attitude. This behaviour has capacity of enlightening the whole world due to illumination of self mind power. This attitude gives rise to social attachment, love for nation, support to build up the nation, security for nation and love for mankind. The Positive attitude directs you towards progress. The peak of Positive attitude is called love for all. Every species on earth is created by god and god is inside everyone is the ultimate result of this.

Those who are independent and possess good Decision Making can show the courage of taking the responsibility for work. Taking of responsibly and accomplishing the work can be possible only with courageous nature of man. Courageous responsibility is outcome of Independent nature. It is the most important part of development of children that they are to be groomed as Independent by their parents. All species except man become independent in short period of their life cycle. The ambitious people take any damn responsibility and show total devotion towards achieving it, hence they –succeed in life. The most difficult and un-attempted responsibilities are taken up by ambitious personality with smiling face. These personalities only are garlanded and greeted by success. The people who take mighty responsibilities for society and nation and devote their entire life for it are able to – achieve glorious success.

To keep alive the sentiments is the stepping stone of ethnicity. The creation of atmosphere to protect behaviour and changes in it is called ethnicity. Such atmosphere wherein there is ethnic development of children is cultured media. House, School or college and Society are these media. The ability of changing the behaviour as expected is called Cultured Behaviour. Value based living chooses for Love, Help, Service, and Sentiments for others, Supports to needy and Respect to all. The bowing nature is the greatest of all traits and referred as god gift.

How and purpose for which work is accomplished is called “Work Procedure “. Swami Vivekananda always used to tell that Indians should follow the scientific method and work procedure of western people.
Thought process + Behaviour + Action = Work Procedure.
The dedication to complete any work without keeping it unfinished is life of Work Procedure. Planned work procedure leads to great work. Great work blossoms with great feelings of creativity and fruitfulness of life.

Controlling the behaviour and action according to streams of feelings and leading it to great intellect through constructive nature is called “Self-Restaint “.
Control of Feelings + Constructive Outlook = Self -Control.
Self-control has lot of importance in life. Hence in Indian mythology ‘Self Control‘ is treated as strength. Self-control keeps mind of man away from disturbances in path of progress. The achievement of peak Self-Control is called “Holy Nature “. This state of mind leads man to ultimate height of Personality development and religious stature. In the event of disturbances, self-restraint imparts a firmness to man. If one achieves self-control, he can easily win the world. The electric power as can transform into Heat, Light, Magnetism and Mechanical power, similarly the motivational power of self-control can transform in different behaviour patterns. Self-Control gives the understanding of the economics of thinking, behaviour and action.

All powers can be concentrated to create a boundless mental energy. Achievement of such state of mind is called “Concentration “. The achievement of this deity wealth in developmental process is possible by Concentration. All solutions to achieve success are invented in the state of concentration. Man can achieve the ultimate religious stature in this state of mind only. Concentration can be gained if one bears very good physical and mental health. “Concentration bestows all form of successes“ and what more results one should expect. The value of inventions by Edison is half of the total property value of America, such great power is possible by Concentration. Concentration is like medicine on all form of ailments in development process of personality and hence man who bears this power can handle any hurdles and problems in life.

In development process increase in work efficiency naturally increases the speed of development. It is the need of the hour to increase the Work Efficiency. The usage of the available time, abilities, efforts and money for deciding the maximum possible value of life is like increasing the work capability of life. Work capability is possible only with enthusiasm. Flexibility to change the way of thinking, behavior and action will increase the work capability. Endless efforts increase work capability. The capabilities of body senses and organs increase with their constant usage. It is seen that those who bear work capability till death are with good body senses and organs. Except some exceptional cases work capable persons bear good healthy long life.

When all our biological systems and processes are well-ordered and capable then we are called as physically fit. When one bear a good body condition for performing effectively the mental and physical efforts then it is said as physically fit. This condition is possible only when one has well organised biological systems. The root cause of personality development is associated with physical health. One who wants to achieve this necessitates bearing of balanced habits about foodstuff, deeds, physical workouts, sleep and resting. Many of the ailments can be irradiated by Yoga. The bearing of well organised habits, sleep, resting and balanced diet results in good health.

When the mental system and processes are well organised and capable then it is said as Mental fitness. It is always better to bear great mental strength than money or kingdom. The wealth of great mental strength is result of Mental fitness. Best mental strength only gives birth to creative thoughts. It results into well balanced personality. Good mental fitness is the greatest beauty. The concentration of mind, freshness of senses, expression of ideas, varieties of expression, valuable creativity, purity of heart, depth of thoughts and pious behavior bestow precious beauty to the personality and there is no wealth of beauty available more than this on earth.

The spread of the social life can extend from national to international level. Based on maturity one should try to acquire the mechanism of successful and progressed social contacts to make his social life wide spread. The capability level of starting the number of social contacts, developing them and keep them alive decides the level of adjustable nature of person. Good adjustable nature only gives leadership exposure and power. Sentimental thinking is the peak of adjustable nature. The love and sentiment for others will increase the adjustable nature to two folds.

Shaping up of the mental responsibilities and expressions is mental development. The prime responsibility of mental and cultural development lies with parents. When the parents behave with sentiments, helping and adjustable nature with children then only their good mental development is possible. As in the rainy season parents can give only umbrella to the children but it solely depends on children to use it or get wet themselves. Such an umbrella of togetherness, understanding, consideration and security from parents imparts mental security to children. Those who believe in their strength are always mentally secured. Faith is the greatest helping power than any other. In event of losing all other supports, one can stay mentally secured based on his faith. The strength of faith always stays with every person provided one believes in it.

Vaktimatva Sanjivani (Personality Rejuvenation )
For completeness of Personality man should bear all the above traits. These traits are explained in detail in “Vaktimatva Sanjivani “, hence to know in details see the books.

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