Parental Education


“To avail the children all the facilities does not mean their development. The right development means to provide them right opportunities at right time.”

– Dr Y K Shinde

Workable Groups

Parents do have very important role to play in the Child development. The overall surrounding today is that, Education System is with confined direction and society is not interested to contribute in development process of the Education. Hence parents have the more responsibility to play in such situations. The mindset of parents today is that they are ready to spend any amount of money for their children but not able to give time for them because of so called their busy schedule.
Hence parental counseling is become utmost important during working on personality development of children.

Stages of Child Development
Parents have to play different role as per the age group of their child. Hence parental guidance program is developed to educate the parents. This program is structured based on the age group of children so that they can understand the stages of development of child. These stages and workshops are as below-

Developmental period Importance of the stage Programme of activities
1 Babyhood Age-group:
0 to 2 years
Foundation of personality Guidance programme for parents
2 Early childhood Age-group:
3 to 5 years
Strengthening of the foundation of personality. Physical and emotional security. Guidance programme for parents & teachers
3 Childhood Age-group:
6 to 8 years
Motor – skills development character formation and moral development Guidance programme for parents & teachers
4 Late childhood Age-group:
9 to 11 years
Social development
Intellectual development
Development of values
Guidance programme for parents & teachers
5 Pre-adolescence Age-group:
12 to 16 years
Self concept
Development of understanding of some common concepts
Guidance programme for students, parents & teachers
6 Adolescence Age-group:
17 to 19 years
Integration of personality factors Guidance programme for students, parents & teachers
7 Late Adolescence Age-group:
20 to 22 years
Vocational guidance and councelling Guidance programme for boys and girls

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