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Dr. Y. K. Shinde, knew to all Institutions in field of Education in Maharashtra by his unique innovative work in Education. Today’s education system is assessing the students on based on their capability of reading, memorising & writing only. These are not only the capability to gain the success in real life. The education system followed today is foot print of Lord Meckole’s proposed system & same is leading to chaos in right development of children. This is resulting in Mental, Social & Family based problems in students. This is the finding of the unique thought process & observations noted by Dr. Y. K. Shinde. He had denied to work in the normal high salaried, well established family orientated work cultured & started his Educational Research Institute in a remote village Posewadi in Sangali District, India. This institute is established by him on donations collected from middle class group without any Grant or financial help from Government. He not only worked on research programmes but visited most of the schools in Maharashtra state for guiding the students for their career upliftment. He was working till 30th April, 2012 by way of writer, publisher, counselor, speaker etc.
“Investment done in child development is the most important Investment than any other “ is the thought given by him to the masses. Education does not mean to judge the child on based on marked acquired in examination papers or it does not only mean a Institution for Examinations. The main purpose of education is the personality development of students & how it is useful in real life. This is major thought on based of which he founded the “ Personality Development “ program for the students. Students are guided to understand the traits which are useful to achieve success & complete development of personality in this program. He developed a unique first kind of its own a “ Personality Assessment Test “ for finding out twenty personality traits which are most important in success of life. He applied this test on millions of student in state of Maharashtra with jubilant outcomes. This is most reliable Test wherein you can understand the level of your personality. He written a book “ Vaktimatva Sanjivani ( Personality Rejuvenation ) “ to guide the student for upliftment in their personality.
“ The right opportunities at right age, is the main reason for success in life of the children “, is the thought he tries to percolate in the masses. Parents are ready to do anything & everything for their children, but money or materials are not only the means for development of their wards. All parents are work hard & try to provide all means to their children in the process but are unaware of right meaning of “ Child Development “. Dr. Y. K. Shinde had written a book called “ Palak Sanjivani ( Parent’s Rejuvenation ) “ for guiding the Parent about right path in developing their children.
The educational system today is not able to maintain the respect for the Teachers as use to be before. It use to have noble profession in past. This is because that the total Educational system now becoming business minded & money oriented. This has resulted in the loss of main motto of teacher of Child Development. Dr. Y. K. Shinde is guiding to Education System, Administrators & Teachers about the problems faced in the recent education & correction program in his book called “ Shikshak Sanjivani ( Teacher’s Rejuvenation ) “.
Further he written a book called “ Man Sanjivani ( Mind’s Rejuvenation ) “ to guide each & everyone in the society wherein he explain the different states of Mind, the different issues faced by Mind & the solution to understand the Mind to guide it to achieve the ultimate well-being. This book will provide right path in Mind Development to everyone. This book is in the process of publication.
Dr. Y. K. Shinde is honoured by the well-known Education Minister of Maharashtra Late Shri Madukarrao Choudhary & Education Commissioner Shri V. V. Chipalunkar for his unique & innovative projects developed under the roof of his Research Institute. They visited the Institute frequently & greeted him for his selfless work towards upliftment of Education System. Many of the social figures in the State of Maharashtra & known personalities in Education System knew him as “ A Reformist of Education System “ . He work selflessly till last hour of his life for “ Personality Development “ project to made it understand everybody that “ Value Education & Personality Development “ of Children can only lead us to path of “ Developed India “. His unfinished work is now being taken up by his relatives, close ones & well-wishers. The continuation of his unfinished work is real homage to his great soul.

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  1. Dr Ambhore Prakash Sakharam says:

    Dr Y.K. Shinde sir is devotional personality. I read vyktimatva Sanjeevani. Most effective and unique book I read in my life.

  2. I had the rare fortune of meeting Dr. Y.K.Shinde and spending time with him at his home town. For someone so learned and renowned, he was most simple and polite. I admire him for having realized the need for developing the personality of a children during their school days, and his work in this area deserves acceptance across the education system.

    I am glad that his son is carrying on with this good work.

    My best wishes always.

  3. I met Dr. Shinde at his Center at Tasgaon, and was impressed at the simplicity of his life style, and the clarity of his thought.

    I am glad that his son is taking forward the great work done by him.

  4. Pallavi patil says:

    I want palak sanjivani online, where do i get it

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